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ADHD School Observation Code (SOC)

ADHD Symptom Checklist (SC4) [Ages 3 to 18 years]

Adolescent Symptom Inventory-4 (ASI-4R)  [Ages 12 to 18 years; middle, junior & high school]  

Adult Inventories  (ASRI-4R, AI-4)  [Ages 18 through adult]

Child & Adolescent  Symptom Inventory-5 (CASI-5) [Ages 5 to 18 years] 

Child & Adolescent Symptom Inventory Progress Monitor (CASI-PM) [Ages 3 to 18 years]

Child Symptom Inventory (CSI-4)  [Ages 5 to 12 years; kindergarten & elementary school ]

Early Childhood Inventory (ECI-4R) [Ages 3 to 5 years; preschool ] 

Youth's Inventory self-report  (YI-4R) [ Ages 12 to-18 years]

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