By Kenneth D. Gadow, Ph.D., Joyce Sprafkin, Ph.D., and Margaret Weiss, M.D., Ph.D.

The Adult Inventories include the behavioral symptoms of more than two dozen DSM-IV psychiatric disorders. The Adult Self-Report Inventory-4 (ASRI-4) is completed by the patient (135 items), and the Adult Inventory -4 (AI-4) is filled out by someone who knows the patient well. Completion time is generally 15 to 20 minutes. When clinicians obtain ratings prior to the patient interview, they can review the answers and ask more detailed questions about specific problem areas, which can save time as well as highlight easily overlooked comorbid conditions. The Adult Self-Report Inventory can be scored according to symptom count criteria (diagnostic model) or symptom severity model (normative data model). Both methods of scoring are quick and easy with Symptom Count and Symptom Severity Profile (T scores) score sheets, respectively. Computer scoring and computer administration are also available.


ASRI-4 scores demonstrate satisfactory internal consistency and test-retest reliability, correlate with specialized measures of ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, social phobia, PTSD, eating disorders, and substance use, and differentiate patients with versus without specific diagnoses and between clinical and nonclinical samples. The normative sample was composed of 900 adult men and women. T scores and raw scores for males and females are presented separately on Symptom Severity Profile score sheets. The low to moderate correlations between patient (ASRI-4) and other informant (AI-4) reports support the use of AI-4 ratings in adult psychiatry.


ADHD * Generalized Anxiety Disorder * Social Phobia * Major Depressive Disorder * Dysthymic Disorder * Manic Episode
PTSD * Schizophrenia * Anorexia * Bulimia * Substance Use * Borderline Personality Disorder * Antisocial Personality Disorder * Somatization Disorder * Dissociative Disorder * Sleep Disorders... and more!



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